... not just technology

Who we are

We are three people with shared ambitions, gaining momentum in the stream of similar professional experiences. Involved in the industrial developments that have prevailed for several decades to achieve the all-embracing industrial globalization of markets, productions, supply chains, standards and technical development, on one hand we have been exposed to dramatic change experiences, on the other hand pursued ourselves the rapid transformation of companies and industries. The highly concentrated cost focus as the strongest engine of change and innovation has made us thoughtful, because in addition to the technical-economic change, the dawning into the digital age has impressed us as much as the increasingly challenging natural resource constraints. We are convinced that some of the emerging smart technologies are opening up interesting opportunities to produce ecologically-economically sustainable and human friendly products.


Our background is manufacturing, technical development, product engineering and general management. We had the opportunity to work for many years in the global automotive industry as executives in various fields and set our own indelible marks in that corporate world. To have contributed to and supported from the very outset the rapid technical advance of the last decades towards autonomous vehicles and new automotive powertrain technologies, undoubtedly formed a special technical satisfaction.


We love challenges – especially those of technical nature. With a certain amazement we´ve been observing the rapid progress of a technical revolution in our environment for years, which is quietly happening below the public perception horizon. This is the progressive technological development of very smart “embedded microelectronic systems” with considerable electronic-sensory capabilities. These electronic systems, either alone or interconnected by efficient data communication networks, open up completely new and highly flexible technical solutions and product approaches.


Curious as we are, we´ve been dealing with it for some time and are now developing ideas on products to provide the world with technically sustainable and contemporary solutions. With the launch of ANDROLITE we have begun to provide these ideas with the entrepreneurial framework.


There are many questions and future topics that are urgently waiting for sustainable answers and technical solutions. Not everything will move forward organically, some issues will enforce disruptive approaches. The ANDROLITE team is ready.